iNEMI projects are addressing medical reliability testing and medical component specifications

2015 Medical Electronics Symposium Sept. 16-17 Portland, Oregon USA

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Workshop: Electronic Material Challenges for Vehicles of the Future (at NEPCON Europa 2015; Oct 5/Dresden)

Several iNEMI projects are addressing challenges related to miniaturization, all with the goal of maximizing product value in the smallest possible form factor.
Our proactive, member-driven environmental projects focus on closing technology gaps while attacking problems with scientific depth and rigor to develop sustainable solutions.
Medical products increasingly rely on electronics for functionality and pose a unique set of reliability and operating challenges.
Several challenges remain in implementing alternative energies, and collaboration is key to ensuring rapid global growth of these technologies.

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With more than 1900 pages and 24 chapters, the 2015 iNEMI Roadmap provides a valuable snapshot of the global electronics manufacturing supply chain in the third millennium.

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David Lando, who served as NEMI's second Chairman of the Board (1998-2000), has passed away.

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Minneapolis, MN - The 10th Annual Medical Electronics Symposium will feature three dynamic keynote speakers at Marylhurst University near Portland, Oregon, on

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iNEMI CEO Bill Bader talked recently with iConnect007/RealTime with IPC at the IPC APEX Expo in San Diego. After a brief overview of what iNEMI is and what it does, he discussed the new roadmap, due out in April, and new initiatives being organized for 2015.